Quality or the Lowest Bid?

We have all experienced the difference between a product that is cheap and one that is of good value. It is fairly easy to imagine a consumer deciding on the cheap and fast approach when purchasing something that they know will not last.  Things such as toys, cell phone cases, or a pair of pants may fall into this category.  However, a consumer would prioritize quality and time more highly than price for items such as a set of tires, a child’s car seat or an engagement ring.  These items are more personal and ones that we should expect to last.

In the construction business there is an old adage that states there are three important components in a project:  Time, Money and Quality. A client can realistically expect to receive two of the three. For example, they can have their project performed low-cost and quickly, but with lesser quality; low-cost and high-quality, but more slowly; quickly and high-quality, but not low-cost. There are many factors at play in each of these situations.

Construction projects are often very personal decisions, and produce a building or renovation that is expected to last.  They cannot and should not be compared with the purchasing of toys, clothing, or other expendables.  Therefore, the quality component should be the highest priority.  The other two components of time and cost are then considered.  Our clients’ input helps us decide the best path to their success, be it more costly and quickly, or less costly and a slower approach.

It is very beneficial in the long run to consider which time/cost path is right for your project.  We are here to help you make that decision!