What’s Old is New Again

There is a definite buzz in the air when it comes to the topic of downtown Augusta. With talks of new development projects and renovations of old buildings; it appears a lot is happening. Recently, Attaway attended the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce Economic Luncheon. Calvin Rhodes, executive director of the Georgia Technology Authority spoke in depth about the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center. It was exciting to hear about all the programs, new technology and jobs the Center will provide. Rhodes stated that along with the actual facility, they will need 300-500 parking spaces. This can only mean continued revitalization for downtown Augusta. With revitalization comes more people living and doing life downtown.

This trend of revitalizing downtown is not specific to Augusta but is happening all over the country.  According to the US Census Bureau urban areas now account for 80.7 percent of the U.S. population. Many of these places had been abandoned. The number of millennials entering the work force is a contributing factor to this shift in the way people are living.

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